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Ten Tips To Maintain The Exterior Of Your House

Wellington homes experience a range of weather conditions, from extreme wind and storms, to heat waves with temperatures reaching 28C to 30C. This climate can cause damage to your home's exterior. If you are a Wellington homeowner, here's a few tips for property maintenance.

1) Redo exterior caulking every three to five years. 

Caulking prevents leaks and water damage. Recaulk especially around the meeting areas of two different materials such wood and metal on a window.

2) Repaint every three to five years.

A new coat of paint every five years can make any house look as good as new. UV rays and rain can wear down the paint on your home exterior, whether you have metal or wooden sidings or stucco exteriors. 

3) Clean the gutters. 

Clean and unobstructed gutters allow for smooth water flow and can help prolong the life of your gutters and your exterior walls.

4) Power washing 

Home washing can make your home exterior look new. You can choose a service that offers oxy-bleach washing to remove moulds, pollutants and algae from house siding without removing the color. Power washing is also useful for making pavers, driveways, and lawn furniture look new.

5) Regularly check for pest infestation

Exposed wooden beams, wooden shingles and other structural components can start to deteriorate because of pest infestation.Regular inspections can help you avoid pest infestations that could become full blown problems even before you know that they're there.

6) Ensure proper lawn care

Make sure that you conduct proper weed control and landscaping to get a front lawn that accentuates the best features of your house.

7) Tree and shrubbery trimming 

Trim overgrown trees and shrubs for a yard that is easy on the eyes, especially if you have trees and shrubs that tend to wrap around your house's exterior. Untrimmed trees and shrubbery can also turn into fire or health hazards so it is best to do this before autumn or winter.

Cracks in the windowscan allow water to get in and this could lead to a rotting window jamb. It is also important to check and repair cracks in the glass which could let moisture in.

9) Keep soil and plants eight inches away from the house exterior. 

Make sure that the plants and soil are not in direct contact with your exterior walls to avoid rotting and to prevent pests from entering the house through the wall.

10) Check for water leaks 

Water leaks anywhere on the property can create unsightly puddles on the ground or water stains on the house exterior. For example, drainage pipes from the roof gutters can stain the sides of the house and cause rotting wooden shingles or foundation posts.

Apply these maintenance tips for a home exterior that looks like new. For reliable home maintenance, contact Action Property Services at They are Wellington's most reliable property maintenance experts, offering quality pest control, house washing, and maintenance services.

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